As a successful forensic engineering and fire investigation firm, we understand the legal aspects of evidence storage and how preservation of physical evidence is imperative to a lawsuit. We are committed to maintaining a chain-of-custody that will hold up in a court of law, and to documenting, securing, labeling, storing, monitoring and safely transporting the physical evidence we store. We also carry professional and general liability insurance.

We adhere to the standards and practices in NFPA 921, ASTM E1188, ASTM E1492, and ASTM E1459, all of which outline the accepted methods to collect, document and preserve evidence. We use state of the art chain-of-custody software used by hundreds of law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S., including the Boston P.D., the Saint Louis P.D., and the United States Secret Service, to manage the movement and storage of your evidence.

In addition to evidence storage, our facility is equipped to host evidence examinations. With a climate-controlled warehouse, complimentary coffee and tea service, clean bathrooms, a conference room, and a multitude of restaurants and hotels in close proximity, we can meet all of your needs.

Whether you are an attorney, insurance company, manufacturer, medical professional, or hospital, we will handle your evidence in accordance with the technical and legal requirements needed for a court of law.