Forensic Engineering Business Solutions

Does your business run as smoothly as you like? Would you rather spend your time on investigations and analysis instead of administrative tasks? Do you have trouble collecting money you are owed? Industry statistics show that the average forensic engineer writes off a large portion of his or her billed revenue each year. If you are spending your valuable time trying to recover funds from clients who are slow to play, our business solutions can eliminate your billing and collection risks. Since MK & Associates pays its engineers up front, based on the amount billed, your income is guaranteed and is no longer dependant on collections. We offer billing, accounts receivables, secretarial support, research and testing, and evidence storage. Further, if you are looking to increase your caseload, join our respected team and gain access to referrals in your field of expertise. Have more business than you can handle? Let us turn your referrals into revenues!

Professional Billing

Don’t let time-consuming administrative tasks distract you from more important things like performing your services and generating leads for you business! As a personal services business, we know how your business works. We have the staff and systems in place to help you run your business more smoothly and efficiently. We provide billing and accounts receivables to forensic engineers, accountants and lawyers nationally.

Transition to Retirement/Referral Program

Trust MK & Associates’ engineers to maintain your high standards for service delivery, while you retain an income stream into retirement.