Our engineers have investigated and reconstructed hundreds of accidents, including those that involve vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, heavy machinery and farm equipment, and recreational vehicles. Our experience extends beyond the reconstruction to include tire failures, roadway design issues, slip, trip and falls, and black box retrievals. Our demonstrative evidence aids the jury to better understand the concepts and physics behind an accident. Since our reconstructions and fault-determinations are based on sound scientific principals and mathematics, our analysis is defendable in a court of law. Our investigations include on-site inspections, calculations of speed, braking and site distances, evaluation of roadway conditions, signage adequacy, vehicular characteristics, airbag deployment and visibility at night.

Areas of Speciality:

Motorcycles, Scooters & ATVs
Vehicular Accident Reconstruction
Trucks & Heavy Equipment
Farm Equipment
Trailer Towing & Stability
Recreation Vehicles
Slips, Trips, Falls
Roadway Designs & Barriers