Mechanical Engineer, Forensic Illustrator, Night Photographer

Mr. Gardner earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Missouri-Rolla. To supplement his income during his time at the university, he designed and built a 26-foot flow visualization wind tunnel for the Aerospace Engineering Department of the University which is still in use today.

Mr. Gardner has a deep background in aviation and transportation safety engineering. He has been a federally licensed pilot and aircraft mechanic for the past 28 years and was a technical designee for the Experimental Aircraft Association for 10 years.

Mr. Gardner combines the analytical and mathematical skills of an engineer with the practical experience of a professional mechanic as well as the descriptive and explanatory skills of a technical illustrator. He is experienced in Computer Aided Design, digital and film photography, traditional and computer illustration, 2D animation and 3D modeling as well as the construction of courtroom models and mechanical prototypes.

Mr. Gardner has done extensive work in the area of mechanical design consultation on products ranging from fast food cooking equipment to metal recycling automobile pulverizers. He is also experienced in the area of mechanical failure analysis and accident reconstruction with an emphasis on passenger car and heavy truck cases.