Sr. Mechanical Engineer, Partner

Mr. Ezra earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Manchester in England. He then pursued a post-graduate year studying the mathematical modeling of machines and process control systems. In his work in failure analysis, this mathematical modeling knowledge has proved invaluable to the in-depth understanding of mechanical failures and their results on large and small machines as well as vehicles.

Mr. Ezra has conducted analysis work and testing investigating towed trailer stability issues as well as the low and high speed stability of motorcycles. Mr. Ezra is an experienced motorcyclist himself, having in excess of 250,000 miles experience both on road motorcycles and side car equipped motorcycles.

Mr. Ezra’s work in failure analysis has included the analysis of the failure of over the road truck steering systems as well as the analysis of automobile steering systems and claimed failures. Recently, he has also investigated accidents involving the loading of over-the-road trucks and their unloading as well as over-the-road truck accidents due to loss of control induced by incorrect trailer loading.

Mr. Ezra’s sub-specialties are motorcycle accident reconstruction, especially accidents involving motorcycle to motorcycle and motorcycle to other road vehicles, nail guns and unintended discharge, and failures of man lifts.