Motorcycle, ATV and Vehicular Reconstruction

Gary Kmiecik has 22 years of consulting experience in motorcycle and ATV accident reconstruction and expert testimony. Mr. Kmiecik’s advanced knowledge of motorcycle mechanics, riding, testing and advanced training courses in accident reconstruction allows him to consider all facets of a motorcycle and all terrain vehicles accidents.

Mr. Kmiecik has more than 38 years of motorcycle riding experience. In addition, he is a certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Skills Instructor for beginning and experienced riders. Expert knowledge of motorcycle handling and rider experience is critical when reconstructing an accident.

As a former motorcycle dealership manager and service manager, Mr. Kmiecik understands the responsibility of the manufacturer and dealership for the mechanical condition of the motorcycle. He has been factory trained as a mechanic and service technician for Harley Davidson, Suzuki and BMW. In addition, Mr. Kmiecik is able to determine whether the motorcycle is factory stock or has been modified by another party.

Mr. Kmiecik’s knowledge and significant personal and professional background in motorcycles and rider training is vital in determining the complex circumstances relating to a motorcycle accident. In addition to thorough research, Mr. Kmiecik performs a detailed investigation that may include the mechanical condition of the motorcycle, motorcycle dynamics, rider experience, test riding and accident evidence in reconstructing an accident.