At MK & Associates, we strive to be the best forensic engineering firm in our field. We are a leading resource for thorough, objective engineering analysis relied upon by law firms, insurance companies and manufacturers all across the United States.

MK & Associates, LLC (MK) is a national forensic engineering and fire investigation firm. Started by Mark Ezra and Kalanit Chappell in 2006, MK has shaped itself into what it is today–a leading resource for thorough, objective engineering analysis. We are relied upon by law firms for the defense and the plaintiff, insurance companies, in-house insurance counsel, and manufacturers all across the United States and in Canada for a wide variety of litigation and risk-reduction analysis.

It is one thing to have expert analysis on your side. It is another to make that analysis clear and understandable to non-engineers. That is the true strength of MK. Breaking down complex calculations and concepts into easily understood explanations has been our distinguishing ability. This skill comes naturally to our team of engineers and fire investigators as many of them are also college professors.

In conjunction with that, we offer a unique multi-disciplinary “teamwork” approach. Our highly trained, extremely qualified engineers and fire investigators are experts in their respective fields. On investigative matters, they are able to consult with each other to combine their individual expertise, bringing a comprehensive analysis to each project.

MK also has in-house capabilities for testing and producing demonstrative evidence. Our facility allows engineers to design and carry out tests that accurately represent the conditions, equipment and products in question, and that are scientifically sound, repeatable and defendable.

We also have engineers who specialize in building models, creating hand and computer generated illustrations and animations, and providing expert photography, including night photography. Just as we translate complex issues into clear and concise spoken testimony, MK takes the same approach in developing visual demonstrative evidence to enhance your position.